About Us


PEONY- The confluence of Oriental culture and class.

PEONY is a workshop of art, craft, style and innovative ideas that relentlessly experiment and push the boundaries of form and possibility.

At the heart of PEONY we champion an unparalleled perspective of inspirational values: Quality, uncompromised, and of the utmost standard;
Freedom, in spirit, and creative expression;
and the recognition, realization and actualization of Self.

At PEONY, we believe that style is Perennial.

Thus we position ourselves as at once traditional and contemporary in our unique interpretation of Chinese style, through which we aim to convey these ancient wisdoms and values to our discerning audience.

Our creative process is singular and unmatched.

PEONY invites designers from all over Greater China- Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and the Mainland- providing them with the utmost freedom in their artistic methods: an unconstrained design process that realizes both our spirit and expression. This ensures distinctive, matchless and particular designs which achieve ultimate exclusivity.

Care is taken to ensure excellence and exquisite quality in Production.
PEONY has internalised the strategic stages of production, so as to acquire and preserve excellence and exquisiteness in manufacturing know-how and the development of cutting-edge industrial processes. We have also established long standing collaborations with external suppliers with peak-level knowledge and expertise, most of which are craftsmen’s laboratories.

We are continually looking for new experiences to offer our customers.
PEONY’s products are distributed to our customers through a network, comprised of the following: our online store, Independent retailers, as well as Amazon stores in the US, UK and Singapore. PEONY seeks to continuously experiment and pioneer novel and original experiences to offer customers, keeping things fresh and exciting.